About Scarecrow Row

We are very excited this year to see what kind of scarecrows you create. If you need some inspiration, google cool scarecrows or go to Pinterest. There are many sites on the internet that have very original ideas for scarecrows, and some that even show you step by step how they were made. Below are some helpful tips on scarecrow building.

Scarecrows are usually the height of a person, about 6ft tall, but if you have something different in mind that doesn’t quite fit the norm, go for it!

Straw is best for stuffing. Plastic bags and paper move or sink if they get wet. A straw hat, hair or skirt can be used to incorporate a straw look. A bale of straw for your scarecrow to sit on works, as well as spreading straw under your scarecrow. Cornstalks can also take the place of straw.

Friendly monsters and funny PUNS have been big fan favorites in the past. You might want to think of something Halloween inspired. We have pictures on our website www.ScarecrowRow.org and on our Facebook page Scarecrow Row Cincinnati of past scarecrows.

Your scarecrow should be sturdy enough to withstand normal wind and rain conditions. Don’t make them top heavy. They fall apart easily. We will be using fence posts to tether them to the ground, so they do not need to be self-standing.

Our team will be making signs for you. No need to bring your own. We are making them out of wood planks to compliment the natural setting of the park. On the sign you can name your scarecrow, or have your own name printed on it as the creator. When you decide on a name, email it to Hello@ScarecrowRow.org . Try not to wait until the last minute. We need to get them all done on time.

The Scared Crows Committee

We will be installing the scarecrows at Otto Armleder Park, located at 5057 Wooster Pike, Wed-Fri 9/29-10/1 between 5pm and dusk. Take down will be Saturday, October 30 from 8am to 12 noon.

No political statements or anything too horrifying. Family friendly please. Happy Crafting!

Ready to build your scarecrow? Sign up here